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: On the path of ISO 9000
: Realized Services:.

- Adequacy of Transformers's Protections

- Supply, Installation and Programming of Multifunction's Relay, Microprocessed for Transformers.

- Noises's Attenuation Supplying.

- Measurement of grounding's mesh for Energy's House Cubicles.

- Supply and Installation of gantry for sustentation of the High Voltage's cables and guard cables.

- Supply with Installation of Microprocessed's Gestal Demand Controller linked with Software Mannager to the Engineering Department.

- Assemblies of Cabins (Measurement, Transformation, Transmission and Distribution of Energy)

- Installation of Generation's System
Engine - Generator (Telebrás Standard 230 KVA 1800 RPM 220 Volts 60 Hz with Microprocessed and Tele-Signaled System)

- Comissioning / Start-Up / Turn-Key Projects
- Maintenance / Equipments's Retrofit
- Electric Evaluation / Measurement / Analysis
- Harmonicas's Filters
- Studies for Correction of the Power's Factor
- Electromechanical and Electroelectronic's Systems
On the path of ISO 9000