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.: On the path of ISO 9000
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About Us
Since 1991, in the city of Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo-Brazil, the Company LGE ELETRÔNICA LTDA was constituted, having as objective the Industrial Electric Assembly.
Nowadays, on proper headquarters to the edges of the Anhanguera Highway in the city of Cravinhos - SP, we count on an innovative Company and classified among the best ones in the Electric Area, aimming to the Industrial improvement.
Politics of Quality
The Company´s Direction is compromised with the quality of the given services and with the satisfaction of the Company´s Customers.
Exceeding objectives has been our goal to always keep the Company in an International Quality´s l
In such way, we develop Projects and we execute Industrial Assemblies, under the most rigid Technical Norms and Criteria of Modernity, searching always the vanguard in the sector.
Aerial photo

On the path of ISO 9000
Rod: Anhanguera- Parque Industrial - Cravinhos - SP
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