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The appliances and its electric outlets
Nor all the electric outlets need a wire land. This occurs when they are constructed in such way that the amount of the " fugitive " electrons is in according with the acceptable limits. In these cases, for its linking, it is necessary only take until them two wires ( neutral-phase or phase-phase), which are directly on, through appropriate connectors or using the two poles's plug.

By the other side, there is some appliances that come with the incorporated wire land, either being part of the linking's handle of the appliance, either separate of it. On this situation, it is necessary to use a three pole's plug (phase-neutral-land or phase-phase-land) compatible with the type of the appliance's plug or a two pole's plug binding the wire land of the appliance directly to the wire land of the instalation.

In short, all instalations must be prepared to receive any type of electric appliance, it concludes that, as it is prescribed by the Brazilian Norm of Electric Instalations (NB3), all the circuits of general purpose plugs and also the ones that serve the specific appliances (as shower, air conditioning, microwave, washing clothes machine, etc), must have a wire land on.


The threat of the Harmonicas and its solutions.

The electric transformers generally used as elements of modification of tension and current, also are used in some occasions to change the regimen of the neutral of the instalation, in order to get a galvanic isolation of some stretches of circuits or still as an additional way, to well protect against directly contact.

Lately, the electric transformers come being also applied in the area of the Harmonicas, over all, for its property of being able to isolate loads of the source.

Due to the form how the rollings (primary and secondary) are connected with the transformer, it becomes more adequate for the confinement of certain orders of Harmonicas.

In short, it is possible to confine the problematic equipments in terms of Harmonicas's generation, in an specific part of the instalation being prevented that the same ones harm the remain of the system ahead of the transformer.

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On the path of ISO 9000